In our surroundings is a lot you can do and experience.
And of course you can do nothing at all. Find a quiet  place in the garden, and read a book.
Or take a walk, you can start from our house, take a long walk or just a short.Also mountain-bike enthusiasts will not be bored here, with the many white roads in this area, there are enough options.
Discover the history of old villages and towns, and visit a market or a museum.Fancy a day trip to the beach, the beautiful Marotta beach is about 25 min. drive from our house.The swimming pool is close to our house and also the river is not far from here.
We also have many shops nearby, where you can buy typical local products, and of course several supermarkets.
If you want to try good food, we will give you the best addresses, and if you want to try some wine tasting that can also be arranged.