Amidst the Metauro Valley and the Foglia Valley lies Urbino, a city rich with a tremendous history.

Wandering through the steep and narrow streets, you’ll discover a piece of the rich history of the Renaissance Urbino.

The former convent of Santa Chiara, the Church of San Domenico, the mausoleum of the Dukes in the church of San Bernardino, Palazzo Boghi and the majestic Palazzo Ducale. The Palazzo Ducale is well worth a visit, with the impressive chapel, the kitchens, the bathhouse, and the overview of the city. But also the panorama of the beautiful green hills surrounding Urbino.

Urbino has one of the oldest universities, the Carlo Bo, which was founded in 1506. All those students make the city a vivid place.

You can visit the house of Rafael, a famous painter who was born there in 1483. And at Piazzale Roma you will find the monument of Rafael, a big statue with palette and brush in hand, overlooking the city.