La Primavera

Our wish, when we moved to Italy, was a small-scale farm with a number of guest rooms.

The cultivation of saffron was a logical step for us as children of bulb growers and, as it now appears, can be perfectly combined with the care for our guests.

You can imagine, that the renovation of our house, wasn’t always easy, different rules, a different working method led to many heated discussions.

In Italian, sometimes shouting with a lot of hand gestures.

But “this different way of working” ultimately also ensured that we had enough time to sort everything out, and up until today, there’s nothing we should have done differently.

It has brought us a lot, we have more peace in our lives, we also live more with the seasons and nature.

And not only we, but also our guests, enjoy time and time again the peace, space and breathtaking view.

What extends over a beautiful green valley, an authentic Italian village “San Vito” and the majestic mountains of Monte Catria and Monte Conero.

Our Saffron

In September 2019, we started with our first 4,000 saffron bulbs.

We plant the bulbs in mid-September, in October the first green shoots will already emerge above the ground and a little later we can collect the first flowers.

Saffron threads (usually 3) are removed from the flowers after harvesting. This is a labour-intensive job.

We do so at our kitchen table, while enjoying music and a cup of coffee.
Then the threads are dried in a low temperature oven and placed in a dark place.

After thirty days of ‘resting’, the saffron is packaged in various quantities, ranging from 0.1 to 1 gram.
The work is very tiring, but the results are beautiful: a good amount of saffron for a delicious meal.

Every year in June, we collect the bulbs, clean them and sort them “by size”.

It turns out that the Italian soil is very fertile: in September 2022 we have planted about 34,000 bulbs, now we have a good supply of saffron again.
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